Remington 700 Accuracy Barrel® 223 Wylde 1:7 Fits Remington 700 Series Rifles with No Modifications*. 223 Wylde is National Match and fits 223 Rem as well as 5.6 NATO Easy Installation and Headspacing with Remage Barrel Nut System (Included).
Sep 11, 2018 · Accuracy: 4/5. Does the best with match ammo…but also did well with plinking ammo until it opens up due to the heat. However still great for the price and enough accuracy for most people…even competition shooters. Looks: 5/5. QPQ Nitride is smooth and not shiny (or dull). No dents or tooling marks I could find. Bang for the Buck: 5/5
Ballistic Advantage Premium Series 20" .223 Wylde DMR Contour 1:8 Stainless AR-15 Barrel - Rifle - 1/2x28. View Details. Add To Compare . $247.00 $260.00 . Out of Stock.
I've got a couple .223 Wylde barreled AR-15's. Have had good luck shooting the Sierra 65gr Gamekings(1385) using varget and TAC. I've never shot bullets heavier than that but have shot 55gr Vmax's out of them with great success as well with both powders. I used CCI450's with a OAL of 2.260