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Trying to save money on Disney tickets? The good news is that there are Disney-authorized ticket wholesalers that sell Disney World tickets, some at a deep discount. The bad news is that you have to shop around. So that dozen ticket options that had to look at? It's probably closer to 80 now. Overwhelmed? Don't give up.
Disney Channel. Cetus-Lupeedus! Five-thousand episodes of Disney Channel shows will be available at the launch of Disney+. Plus, we should probably start blocking out time in our calendars because one-hundred Disney Channel Original Movies are coming to the service on day one, too.
When upgrading, your cost to become a Plus member (currently, $99.00/year) will be discounted by a pro-rated amount based on the number of days remaining under your current subscription. You will be eligible for all Marvel Unlimited Plus member benefits beginning on the date of upgrade and your subscription will automatically renew every year on the date of upgrade, unless you cancel your subscription prior to that date in accordance with our cancellation policy.