This will make your pet hand out a can o' whoop ass to any enemy he's fighting. Many Mages use the Suspend Pet AA and do two pets back to back with Frenzied Burnout. Fundament First/Second Spire of the Elements (/alt act 1211) - Depending on whether or not you have an Enchanter in your group determines which spire you will want to use. With an Enchanter's ADPS your crit chance will be maxed out so first spire will be useless, in this case second spire will give you more DPS.
Feb 09, 2017 · Lining up attack manually for the Beastlord is rough sometimes and sometimes i cant get his melee on target all the time, because i pilot from the enchanter since it easier to mez/maintain mez and charm pets. I was leveling a 2nd Mage to replace the beastlord for above reasons, and its easier to send a pet in and cast spells then it is to send ...
His parents, proud members of the magician society, had originally named him ‘Reginald Darren Markus Verdonshire’ but that name didn’t fit the little punk that couldn’t mix his components correctly and nearly mutilated himself on sixteen occasions. I guess that paying attention in school does have a purpose.
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