Copy "*.dll" from "\FINAL FANTASY IX\x64\FF9_Data\Managed" to the "\References" folder in the solution directory. Resture NuGet packages manualy or enable automaticaly package downloads. Patch: Memoria.Patcher.exe - will patch game files using current directory or path from the windows registry
Does anyone know how I can get mods to work with the cracked steam version of Final Fantasy 9? There are some really cool mods now (hd textures, complete overhauls, etc.) but whenever I replace the appropriate files with modded files the game launches, shows the square logo and then stays on a black screen.
It seems like you downloaded a faulty crack. As far as i know these mods work with the steam version of the game. Furthermore alternate Fantasy is only compatible with the 8.2 version (or higher) of the moguri mod.
Drag the contents of the Moguri mod (which should be called Streaming Assets and x64) into the FINAL FANTASY IX folder. You should get a prompt asking if you want to replace files. Say yes to all. And that's it. You're just replacing the files. If you want to go back, use the backups and reverse the process.