Still, they're all WAY below Marvel or DC levels. In Worm, there's a government categorization system that sorts parahumans by ability (I.e. minion powers are Master, shapeshifters are Changer, and so on) and ranks them on a scale of 1 to an undefined upper limit, although generally 12 is roughly the top. The scale system is only intended to be ...
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This is a list of active and upcoming Marvel Comics printed comic books (as opposed to digital comics, trade paperbacks, hardcover books, etc.).The list is updated as of December 16, 2020.
A webnovel is a novel that is primarily published online in serial (chapter-by-chapter) form. Many of our readers associate The King's Avatar with Tencent, a company that has become ubiquitous in the digital entertainment industry. While Tencent did play a role in creating the animation, that doesn't give us the whole picture.