Jul 12, 2007 · Do not let the antenna touch anything. REMOTE CONTROL MODES To use the remote to control a device such as the satellite receiver or a TV, you must first set up the remote to control the device, and then set the remote to the right mode for that device.First, set up the remote to control the device. (See Controlling a Device below for instructions.)
Nov 02, 2020 · All in all, I’ve not needed any other piece of hardware in my hands to watch TV since setting up the new Chromecast. I grab the remote and browse to what I need or simple tell Google to do it ...
May 04, 2018 · 1. Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding the cover down. 2. Match the (+) and (-) marks on the batteries to the (+) and (-) marks inside the battery compartment, then insert two (2) AAA Alkaline batteries, Be sure to use fresh batteries. 3.
"Tivoburkee" wrote: As for universal, I have been using lately the One for All urc7935 streamer remote, it can control tv, streamer and sound bar using one device. its IR only, backlit remote. it goes $25 on line, but there are three ebay sellers with bunch of open box models for $10 and under with free shipping.