The sensor is mounted on the top of the transmission housing beneath the gear selector. It changes a control voltage from the PCM and returns a low reading if the gear selector is in Park, and a high voltage if the selector is in 1 position, and in fixed steps between. Monitored by: CCM
Gear selector 1 cannot be regulated--P176B: Gear selector 2 cannot be regulated--P176C: Gear selector 3 cannot be regulated--P176D: Gear selector 4 cannot be regulated--P176E: Clutch 2 - clutch opens unintentionally--P176F: Clutch 2 - clutch closes unintentionally--P1770: Engine load - implausible signal: Wiring, ECM-P1771: Engine load - open ...
Mercedes Intelligent Servo Module (ISM) is installed on 2004 and newer vehicles equipped with the 7G Tronic Transmission (Code: 722.9) and gear selector mounted on the steering column. Replacing the ISM unit can be very expensive. Repairing the existing ISM is possible and much less costly.
Electronic selector lever module control unit (Automatic five-speed transmission (NAG)) Rear axle level control system control unit: Gear recognition switch (Sequentronic automated manual transmission (SEQ)) 46: ETC [EGS] control unit (Automatic 5-speed transmission (NAG)) 7.5: VGS electric control unit (automatic 7-speed transmission)